Window Tinting


Window tinting does more than keep your home cool during the summer. In Colorado, it is important to tint your windows during the winter as well. During the winter months, the exposure for windows facing south is from the time the sun comes up until the time the sun goes down. This means that you have prolonged exposure to the sun and might struggle with damaging UV rays in your commercial business, car, or home. You can also drastically reduce heat loss during these colder months by installing window films.

At Integrity Glass, we offer window-tinting technology that includes a wide variety of traditional tinting films, security films, and decorative films.

Commercial Window Tinting

Our storefront and office window tinting solutions are perfect for saving on energy costs, or simply making a great impression. See why our commercial tint options stand above the rest.

Our commercial window films can increase safety, save energy and enhance the appearance of your building. Our High-Performance films can protect interiors from fading, reduce glare on computer screens, and eliminate discomfort all around.

Residential Window Tinting

Whether you are looking for a decorative window tint, want to increase privacy, save on cooling your home, or reduce heat, at Integrity Glass we have the perfect option to suit your needs. Not only are these residential window-tinting options great for saving money, they may even offer greater protection. Did you know that you could block upwards of 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays with window films? This is going to extend the life of your flooring, furniture, and other home décor by preventing any damage caused by sunlight such as fading.

Call the professionals at Integrity Glass today to schedule your appointment for your window-tinting project. We would love to help you find your perfect window tinting option.