Window Screens


Whether you are looking for new window screens or replacement window screens, the professionals at Integrity Glass are going to help you find the right option. We have made it our mission to provide you with quality window screens at a fair price.

Every exterior home window treatment would benefit from a window screen. In the spring, in the summer, even at the start of fall. Even though window screens might appear straightforward, they offer you countless different benefits, including added security, visual appeal, energy efficiency, lighting control, and improved airflow.

Improve your airflow

When you have your window closed, you are keeping the fresh air out. If the air is very hot during summer, that might be a good thing, but during mild weather, few things are more relaxing than getting a fresh breeze to flow through your home. With the right window screen in place, you can benefit from refreshing ventilation. This also helps remove stuffiness and heat from inside the house.

Built to last and many options

With our super screen – made from heavy-duty black fiberglass – you can be sure that you have no replacements to worry about in the coming years. Make your investment last by opting for our powerful options. With other colors ranging from bronze, white, mill (aluminum), tan, to almond, you can be sure that your window screen is going to match your interior.

Bug screens from Integrity Glass

If you want to be able to enjoy the outside breeze without inviting all outside critters into your space, a bug screen from Integrity Glass is going to help you do that. It allows you to have all the benefits of being outside without any of the drawbacks. Many of the alternative options leave cracks open, but at Integrity Glass, we make sure that you do not have these issues.

Benefit from decades of experience

At Integrity Glass we have worked with manufacturers and suppliers who have decades of experience. By utilizing the best possible options, we are able to provide our customers with lasting screens that simply outperform many of the other options on the market. Call Integrity Glass today!