Solar Screens


Save Energy with Solar Screens

Did you know that you could save upwards of 20 percent when it comes to the heat transfer in your office or home? You can with solar screens. Solar screens are perfect for skylights, doors, and windows. They may block upwards of 80 to 90 percent of the harmful UV rays from the sun. This is going to provide you with daytime privacy and drastically reduce flare.

Benefits of using Solar Screens for your windows:

  • Lowers utility costs
  • Blocks the sun, not the view
  • Easily removable to allow for window cleaning
  • Protects carpets and furnishings from UV rays

You can save energy and keep your home cooler thanks to solar screens. This is going to reduce how hard your air conditioner has to work in the summer, because these solar screens will prevent the heat from ever entering into your home. This works great for pergolas, gazebos, porches, sliders, and windows.

How Do Solar Screens Work?

A solar screen is manufactured out of special window screen mesh. This mesh is often made from a polyester weave and may contain PVC coating for added durability. The installation of these solar screens is often on the outside of the home, this essentially blackens out the windows. While it might not be the most efficient way to reduce heat transfer through your windows, solar screens do help with solar heat gain coefficients.

Unlike glass coating or films, a solar screen actually stops the glare and the heat coming from the sunlight before it ever hits your sliding glass doors or your windows. This is the equivalent of having a large tree block the sun for you, but your view is not blocked!

What works best? Solar screens or window tinting?

It is easy to decide what option is best for you. If you have an amazing view that you want to enjoy, we highly recommend window tinting. Window tinting will actually enhance your view whereas solar screens might take away from it. However, if you are continuously being blasted by sunlight, solar screens are the best option. Some people even opt for solar screens when they have a perfect view, simply because of the constant sunlight. If you want to cover all your bases and do not mind investing, your best option might actually be utilizing both!