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We specialize in solar screens, window coatings, and windows (both new and retrofit) designed to deflect heat and reduce the cost of heating your home in the winter and cooling during the summer.

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Are you updating or remodeling your home?

durango-residential-glass1Our experienced staff will work with you or your contractor to update your windows and sliding doors to the latest style and energy efficiency standards. Newer windows can also help you take full advantage of views and light.

Replacing your windows by selecting newer, more efficient models not only updates a home without costly structural changes, but increases the overall value and appearance of your home.

Getting started

durango-glass-homeFinding energy-efficient windows has become easier, as insulating features such as heat-reflecting low-E coatings and argon gas between panes have become more standard. You’ll also find new options and extras, including fiberglass window frames.

“Stop throwing money out your old windows,” some commercials say. With heating costs on the rise, many homeowners are wondering whether it’s time to replace their aging, drafty windows with efficient, tight-fitting ones.

We are an Official Milgard Dealer!


  • For as long as you own the home, your Milgard windows and doors are covered, including parts and labor.
  • Feel confident that the work will be completed correctly by Milgard factory-trained technicians (us).
  • From a broken seal to leaking skylight, we will repair or replace the damaged products at no charge to you.

Understanding efficiency ratings

durango-milgard-windowsThe manufacturer is going to mark any replacement window with a U-factor. The U-factor is a measure of how well this window is able to conduct heat. The opposite of the U-factor is the R-value, the R-value tells you how well insulated these windows are. If you want to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, you want a higher R-value and a low U-factor.

Many of the manufacturers do not list the R-value on their product, because it might not seem as impressive. Some of the best windows on the market may have an R-value of 2 or 3. To give you an idea, that is equivalent to an uninsulated wall.


durango-milgard-windows-before-afterYou may also see the solar heat gain coefficient indicated on your windows. This tells you how much of the external sunlight that directly hits the window will make it into your home as heat. Especially if you live in a colder area, you want the highest number possible. The external sunlight might help you save some money on heating your home, even if it is freezing outside. To know how much visible light a window lets in, you want to know the visible transmittance. Again, the higher that number, the better.

The professionals at Integrity Glass can provide you with a free estimate and have a wide range of options that is going to fit any design, taste, or budget. Don’t hesitate, call today.

More Residential Glass Services

We also can provide and install custom mirrors, glass shelves, shower doors, window tinting, screen doors, and sliding glass doors.