Commercial Glass


durango-commercial-glass3You can expect a wide range of commercial window services from the professionals at Integrity Glass. We are able to modify storefronts, modernize, and upgrade exterior and interior glass, which includes window coatings and heat-reflective glass.

We can handle all Commercial Glass jobs, including:

  • Storefronts
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums

Commercial Glass Service Quick Links:

Glass Storefronts

durango-glass-storefrontsYour storefront is the face of your business and should always look its best. When glass in your storefront breaks, or cracks, call the storefront glass specialists at Integrity Glass for a quality replacement of the storefront’s tempered glass windows, glass doors or even the door hardware.

In addition to handling repairs, we also offer “storefront face lifts.” Over time, chances are that the seals around your storefront glass are going to break down. However, the glass inside of those seals is still perfect. In that event, the professionals at Integrity Glass are able to replace those old, worn down seals and reinstall your original glass. This gives your storefront an upgraded, modernized look without having to spend a lot of money.

Commercial Windows

durango-commercial-windowsCommercial buildings use tempered glass. This is a safety measure. Instead of creating razor-sharp shards, this glass is going to shatter when it breaks. While this certainly increases the overall safety, it does mean that you will need to replace the glass if it is ever damaged.

Having a broken window in your commercial building is about more than aesthetics, it might prove to be a serious security risk. Anyone can come into your building’s interior from the outside with a broken window. The moment that your glass breaks, make sure that you schedule an appointment with Integrity Glass. We are able to help board up your window until you have a ready replacement.

Fire Rated & Safety Glass

durango-commercial-glassProtect your commercial building with fire rated glass and safety glass installed by Integrity Glass.

Fire Rated Glass does more than slow the spread of fire, it provides a heat barrier on the non-fire side. This feature helps reduce damage from indirect heat and serves to reduce the damaged area.

Safety Glass offers a number of properties formulated for specific uses such as bullet-proof glass for interior sales counters or impact resistant glass for exterior use against storm damage.

More Commercial Glass Services

We also can provide and install custom mirrors, window tinting, curtain walls, window screens, and screen doors.